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The Institute for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine serves patients for SculpSure in the Philadelphia, PA region. SculpSure is a safe, 25-minute, non-invasive laser treatment that destroys stubborn pockets of fat of the abdomen and flanks. There has been over a 90% satisfaction rate from patients at The Institute for the newest in laser body sculpting technology.

Experience the Safe, No Downtime, Laser Treatment for Permanent Fat Destruction

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Promotion Package ~ $500 Off a full 4-applicator set

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Almost everyone has pockets of fat that they have trouble getting rid of – areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. This treatment not only destroys the pockets of fat, but also provides some skin tightening to the areas treated. See what patients have been saying: SculpSure reviews

What is the cost of SculpSure in the Philadelphia, PA region?

SculpSure treatment is very affordable in the Philadelphia, PA region.  The Institute has a promotion package for those who qualify.

About the Laser Expert

A Dedication to Safety, Comfort, and Results

  • Dr. DeBias has been a physician for 36 years, and the last 20 he has been devoted to performing laser and aesthetic medicine in his continually evolving practice
  • Dr. Glenn A. DeBias is one of the most experienced physicians in the Greater Philadelphia Area performing this laser treatment and is consistently voted the top physician for laser and aesthetic medicine in this area.
  • He is an expert in the training, knowledge and application of laser technology.
  • His depth of knowledge and experience, in addition to using the best technology ensures optimal patient results and outcomes.

For more information, contact our office at 215-230-1804 or request a consultation online.

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